What Are The Signs Of Infection With Autorun.inf Virus

signs of infection with autorun.inf virus

  What are the signs of Infection with Autorun.inf Virus ? How to detect the Autorun.inf Virus on your USB Flash drive or on your PC : and why its important. The Autorun.inf virus is a serious auto executable file, that spreads easily through infected USB flash drives. This virus resides in your USB pen … Read moreWhat Are The Signs Of Infection With Autorun.inf Virus

How To Remove Autorun.inf Virus From Pendrive

remove autorun.inf virus from thumb drive

(updated 13 June 2015)  How to remove Autorun.inf virus from pendrive and other removal USB drives. The autorun.inf virus is a super hidden executable file that spreads through flash drives. This virus resides inside your thumb or flash drive. And spreads each time you insert the thumb drive into an uninfected computer. The virus gets … Read moreHow To Remove Autorun.inf Virus From Pendrive

How to Remove Autorun.inf virus manually with winrar

how to remove autorun.inf virus HOW TO REMOVE AUTORUN.INF VIRUS

Infection with autorun.inf virus is very common as it spreads through USB drives like the pen drive, memory cards etc. Autorun.inf is basically a simple text file which contains a list of instructions to be followed by the operating system.

When you insert a CD or DVD or a USB drive, the operating system looks for the autorun.inf file and executes the instructions written on it, like auto starting the CD or DVD etc. This is a windows feature.

But like all other viruses and malware makers, the hackers uses this autorun.inf features to sneak into a victims computer without the knowledge of the owner. Unlike most malicious programs, Autorun.inf virus is transferred from movable devices like from a USB device (Pendrive, memory cards) to the PC. That is why it is important to always scan your removable devices for malicious infections and attackers on a regular basis. It is also advisable to turn off the windows Autorun feature.

How to remove Autorun.inf virus manually without using any antivirus tool but with winrar if your Computer or USB device is infected.

Simple and easy solution How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus

Read moreHow to Remove Autorun.inf virus manually with winrar

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