How To Uninstall Hyper Cache | Word press Plugin

How to uninstall Hyper cache, word press plugin from word press site. Hyper cache is a word press cache plugin. Unlike the big guns like W3 total cache and WP super cache,  Hyper cache is a very simple, easy to install,configure and easy to un-install.   Hyper Cache is purely PHP and works on every blog: no … Read moreHow To Uninstall Hyper Cache | Word press Plugin

WP Super Cache Plugin : Optimal Settings Guide

As a Cache Plugin, WP Super Cache is one of the top Cache Plugin. Here is a guide for Optimal Settings, for word press blogs. Want to super charge  your website so it loads faster?. Keep in mind that Google now pays a lot of importance for web page Load time. And without a CACHE … Read moreWP Super Cache Plugin : Optimal Settings Guide

Tips for Best Google AdSense Placement

Which are the best Google AdSense placement location on a blog page ? This is a question many blogger asks and discusses in forums. Because Google AdSense Ads is the best way to monetize your Blog. Assuming that your blog or website has been approved for Google adsense. If the answer is NO, than here’s “ How … Read moreTips for Best Google AdSense Placement

8 Tips To create A Strong Password

                                                                      create a strong password

How strong is a strong password? How long should a strong password be? These are some questions, everybody asks. You can create a very strong password. But what’s the use if you forget it?

Its a well known fact that to create a strong password, it should contain both small and capital letters. It must contain at least some numericals and signs like #,@,* etc. Easier said than done. But the biggest problem is how to remember all those password that you may create for your e-mail, FB and so on.  

To make it simple this is a  guide to create a strong password :

Lets learn the rules to create a strong password to safe gourd our on-line activities. Despite the advances in technology, the greatest security weakness still remains the same that is, the People, the users.

For almost every account that you make on-line, be it your E-mail, social site login, On-line Banking, etc etc. you are required to have a strong password. But how good is a password if you can’t remember it ? 

Here are 8 TIPS to serve as a Guide to create a strong password:


Some people have the tendency to use weird words from dictionary to use as passwords. If your password can be be found in the dictionary, than every one knows it. So you might as well not have one. The worst passwords are dictionary words and the hackers are much too well aware of it.

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How to get your Blog approved for Google AdSense

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