File Recovery ! Minitool Power Data Recovery 7.0 Review

Every Computer user knows, how it feels when a file is lost, either due to a system crash or because you used the Shift + Delete keyboard tabs after selecting a collection of files. But all is not lost. In this post we are going to introduce the free file recovery program MiniTool Power Data … Read moreFile Recovery ! Minitool Power Data Recovery 7.0 Review

Laptop Data Recovery Software | Free download

Laptop Data Recovery Software

Trusted by Millions, Laptop Data Recovery Software                   Laptops are particularly vulnerable to physical damage as well as problems that affect data integrity and result in data loss, this is especially because of their compact size and portability. Its important to keep laptop data recovery software for such an event.  Data loss can also occur … Read moreLaptop Data Recovery Software | Free download

Best Free Data Recovery Software For windows

  Free Data recovery Software to recover your deleted files from hard disk, memory cards, external USB storage devices. Data loss can also happen if you unplug your external USB device without using the “Safely remove hardware” feature of windows. Files when deleted from hard disk or from recycle bin, (USB drive, memory card etc) don’t get deleted … Read moreBest Free Data Recovery Software For windows

Free Data Recovery Software

Free Data Recovery software

Free Data Recovery Software,to recover your Data from Hard Disk,Memory card, External Hard disk.

Free Data Recovery Software

Free Data recovery software



Free Data Recovery software when Disaster strikes. Lost your valuable Data from your Hard disk? call in the world class FREE Data recovery softwareRECUVA, one of the best program in the freeware category, as a data recovery software.

Do you click on the delete menu while pressing the “shift” key on your key board ? if YES ! than the file or folder you just deleted doesn’t go to your recycle bin. It gets deleted straight way.

Accidentally deleted files normally can be recovered from your recycle bin. But what if you have emptied your recycle bin. Hard disk is failing, someone else deleted your file.

I’m sure your first reaction is Panic, because you just lost data that was probably very important. This is when Data recovery software, comes in to rescue.


RECUVA one of the best FREE data recovery software, good enough to be categorized as World class software as a data recovery software.

Deletion doesn’t destroy files when its deleted. It simply marks that space as empty and available for use. If no data has been written on that space since the deletion, the data is still there and the file can be recovered.

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