How do you put Your laptop into hibernation Automatically

laptop into hibernation


laptop into hibernation

How to make your laptop go into hibernation mode automatically  after closing the Lid.

You may have such situation, when you just need to close the Lid of your Laptop and go. If you did not configure your laptop what to do when you close the Lid. There is every chance that you may loss what ever you were working on at the time.

Keeping your Laptop in SLEEP mode might work if you are going for a few minutes, but for  longer periods its not advisable.

Because Sleep mode utilizes your Laptop battery. So the best thing to do is to put your laptop into hibernation Automatically.

This way you don’t lose your work. And the next time when you press on the power on button your laptop will wake up in the same window where you left with all your work window open. But you have to configure your laptop power options first.

So how do you activate it to let your laptop into hibernation mode on closing the lid.

Follow these steps To activate and make your laptop into hibernation Automatically when you close the Laptop Lid:

  1. open Control Panel – click on “Power options” icon

laptop into hibernation

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Disable Touchpad to avoid Accidental clicks in Laptops


                                                               disable touchpad in laptop

How to Disable touchpad in Laptop to avoid accidental clicks while typing on your Laptop. The location of the touchpad, which is usually falls just under your palm or wrist while typing. Makes it prone for accidentally touching and making your mouse curser jump or move and interrupt your working. 

Touch pad is a pointing Device, found on a Laptop, which acts as a substitute for a mouse as on a Desktop. A touchpad basically has a tactile surface and usually has two buttons which acts as the left and right mouse buttons. Touchpad tactile sensitivity can be adjusted and fine tuned according to a user’s requirement. ( Well,I guess you already know that). How to disable touchpad in laptop, which doesn’t have a dedicated button to disable touchpad.

 However many modern Laptops have a dedicated button to disable touchpad in laptop at the top along side the “F” keys. Better still if you are using a cordless mouse, you can safely disable touchpad in laptop to avoid any accidental clicks.

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How to increase your Laptop Battery life

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