How To Increase Laptop Speakers Volume

increase laptop speakers volume

  TIP TO INCREASE LAPTOP SPEAKERS VOLUME WITH FEW TWEAKS Is there a way to Increase Laptop speakers volume level ? These small compact gadgets has slowly overtaken Desktops. We seem to do everything on our laptop, listen to music, watch our favorite movie, play games on our laptop. But the sound output  from the … Read moreHow To Increase Laptop Speakers Volume

How To Get Laptop Battery Power Efficiency Report

get laptop battery efficiency report

  Laptops are slowly taking over Desktops. You can see these little power house gadgets everywhere. But the main issue with laptop is its battery life. Every laptop users wishes that its battery should last for hours. Even if we follow all the tips to save and prolong laptop battery life to maximize its performance. … Read moreHow To Get Laptop Battery Power Efficiency Report

Laptop Data Recovery Software | Free download

Laptop Data Recovery Software

Trusted by Millions, Laptop Data Recovery Software                   Laptops are particularly vulnerable to physical damage as well as problems that affect data integrity and result in data loss, this is especially because of their compact size and portability. Its important to keep laptop data recovery software for such an event.  Data loss can also occur … Read moreLaptop Data Recovery Software | Free download

Disable Touchpad to avoid Accidental clicks in Laptops


                                                               disable touchpad in laptop

How to Disable touchpad in Laptop to avoid accidental clicks while typing on your Laptop. The location of the touchpad, which is usually falls just under your palm or wrist while typing. Makes it prone for accidentally touching and making your mouse curser jump or move and interrupt your working. 

Touch pad is a pointing Device, found on a Laptop, which acts as a substitute for a mouse as on a Desktop. A touchpad basically has a tactile surface and usually has two buttons which acts as the left and right mouse buttons. Touchpad tactile sensitivity can be adjusted and fine tuned according to a user’s requirement. ( Well,I guess you already know that). How to disable touchpad in laptop, which doesn’t have a dedicated button to disable touchpad.

 However many modern Laptops have a dedicated button to disable touchpad in laptop at the top along side the “F” keys. Better still if you are using a cordless mouse, you can safely disable touchpad in laptop to avoid any accidental clicks.

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Power Plan for Gaming Laptop

     Best Power plan for Gaming Laptop. Get the maximum out of your Laptop. Which power plans are best for a Laptop in different usage situations.When your Laptop is plugged to a power source, you may not notice any difference in the Laptop’s performance. But when in Battery mode, you will or must have observed … Read morePower Plan for Gaming Laptop