Top 3 Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows

Free Screen Recording Software Windows PC does not have the tool to record your on-screen activity, such as browsing or typing. You can take screenshots, but there’s no inherent function for recording as video. This is exactly the kind of niche where third party software plays a very important role.   Here is a list of 3 … Read moreTop 3 Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows

Which is the Best Free Video Downloader

best free video downloader

Download Audio and Video streaming from thousands of sites with this Free Video Downloader. VSO downloader is a feature packed free video downloader with a bunch of nifty features and will download any video you want it to. A free Video Downloader which automatically detects streaming contents and starts downloading it. The best part, this Free … Read moreWhich is the Best Free Video Downloader

Top 5 Android Video Player Apps

android video player apps

Five of the best android video player apps. Android OS has become the most sought after OS, as its open source, free and user friendly. Android users, be it a smart phone, Phablets or a Tablet,  who likes to watch videos and movies often look beyond the native video player that comes with the gadget.

Your stock Android player may not support all file formats. This can be resolved by some third party apps. Here is a list of five top Android video player apps , which will definitely make watching movies/Videos on your Android a better experience.

Kindly note listing them in serial numbers doesn’t rate them, every player has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Convert Audio cd in to digital files : rip music

convert audio cd to digital format

How to convert Audio CD to Digital Format:

When we talk about digital music we think about MP3 only and about videos we think of DVDs. In today’s world even the experts are confused with the number of formats available.

If you have huge collections of those priceless audio CDs lying on your drawer or in the collection box. Over time these CDs and DVDs will become unreadable by your player. Spoiled because of heat and humidity, scratches. So the best option is to convert audio CD to digital format. 

Converting Audio CD or  popularly called as “ripping” in to digital format is time consuming process. On top of it if you use a inferior quality software for ripping your Audio CDs, all your time and effort will be wasted.

There are many ripping software available, almost any media player’s are capable of ripping audio CDs, why than do I need to write this post ? Well , I have to tell you this for two reasons. First, if you need to rip your Audio CDs there are two sensible options you can decide, One to make a perfect copy using Loss-less system as FLAC (Free lossless Audio Codec) and the second option is to save it (ripped one) encoded in 320kbps MP3, so that the music will sound so good that you will never be able to tell the difference.

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