The Best Free File-Syncing and Backup Software

FREE FILE-SYNCING AND BACKUP SOFTWARE: File Syncing and file management is not an easy task. Because you run the risk of accidentally overwriting or deleting a important file. If you want to keep your contents between your PC and external disk synced. Here is a excellent software. Easy-to-use program makes file synchronization a breeze, even … Read moreThe Best Free File-Syncing and Backup Software

How to Use Software After Trial Period

How to use software after Trial period is Over? There are many makers who allows you to use their product (the full version) for a specific period (mostly a month). Allowing you to evaluate their product. This period is the Trial period. After the trial period is over, the product (here we are referring to a software) … Read moreHow to Use Software After Trial Period

How To Block Ads Popups And Browser Malware

AdBlock plus for annoyance free net surfing

block ads

How to Block Ads, popups and browser malware for annoyance free net surfing.

Do you get annoyed with those Adverts, tracking cookies or get distracted with those huge banners, when surfing your favorite web sites ?

Install AdBlock Plus a FREE browser plugin to block Ads, for a annoyance free net surfing and change the way that you view the web.

AdBlock plus is a small browser Add-on to block Ads, sits either at the top right corner of your browser navigation bar as a red icon or on your status bar. By clicking on the icon will provide with a list of block-able items on the given page and also has more features from its options menu.

You can quickly personalize that list by clicking on the AdBlock PlusStop sign” button.

AdBlock runs unobtrusively in the background. Right clicking on an Ad brings up a message box, through which you can easily add to the list of blocked Ads. At the same time via the same list you can also customize certain sites and pages to show their Ads. This feature is specially useful when Ads interferes with streaming videos that air short ads when you play them.

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How To Optimize System Performance


optimize system performance


How to optimize system performance, reclaim hard disk space, beef up your system security, tweak your windows for faster response and much more. which you can not achieve from windows control panel.

Lets face it, we all hate it when our computer system fails to work or simply just does the opposite of what it was designed for. These System Optimization software will make your PC run smoother and optimize system performance.

Regular system maintenance and optimizing system for peak performance, is something many users ignore, either because they aren’t aware of it  or just don’t know how to go about it. And in 90% of instances (if not more) this is the main reason why a system slows down or crashes, events which could have been easily prevented, if only we spend a few minutes to maintain our system at regular intervals.

You can breath fresh life in to your system if you tweak and optimize system performance settings for top notch performance.

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