How To Partition Hard Disk

Gone are the days, when we had to run after the Tech guys for any computer related problems. Even to ask how to partition your 1 TB capacity hard disk? These days many home users are computer savvy. They know exactly what they are doing, like installing the OS. But today I want to share, … Read moreHow To Partition Hard Disk

How to Disable Autorun in Pen drive and USB drives

How to disable autorun

How to Disable Autorun  Feature in Pen drives and USB flash drives and protect your Computer from Viruses (Updated) How to completely disable Autorun feature of Windows. By default whenever you insert a USB device on your computer,the system tries to read (autorun) the attached USB device. Windows opens a dialog box giving you the option either … Read moreHow to Disable Autorun in Pen drive and USB drives

How do you put Your laptop into hibernation Automatically

laptop into hibernation


laptop into hibernation

How to make your laptop go into hibernation mode automatically  after closing the Lid.

You may have such situation, when you just need to close the Lid of your Laptop and go. If you did not configure your laptop what to do when you close the Lid. There is every chance that you may loss what ever you were working on at the time.

Keeping your Laptop in SLEEP mode might work if you are going for a few minutes, but for  longer periods its not advisable.

Because Sleep mode utilizes your Laptop battery. So the best thing to do is to put your laptop into hibernation Automatically.

This way you don’t lose your work. And the next time when you press on the power on button your laptop will wake up in the same window where you left with all your work window open. But you have to configure your laptop power options first.

So how do you activate it to let your laptop into hibernation mode on closing the lid.

Follow these steps To activate and make your laptop into hibernation Automatically when you close the Laptop Lid:

  1. open Control Panel – click on “Power options” icon

laptop into hibernation

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8 Tips To create A Strong Password

                                                                      create a strong password

How strong is a strong password? How long should a strong password be? These are some questions, everybody asks. You can create a very strong password. But what’s the use if you forget it?

Its a well known fact that to create a strong password, it should contain both small and capital letters. It must contain at least some numericals and signs like #,@,* etc. Easier said than done. But the biggest problem is how to remember all those password that you may create for your e-mail, FB and so on.  

To make it simple this is a  guide to create a strong password :

Lets learn the rules to create a strong password to safe gourd our on-line activities. Despite the advances in technology, the greatest security weakness still remains the same that is, the People, the users.

For almost every account that you make on-line, be it your E-mail, social site login, On-line Banking, etc etc. you are required to have a strong password. But how good is a password if you can’t remember it ? 

Here are 8 TIPS to serve as a Guide to create a strong password:


Some people have the tendency to use weird words from dictionary to use as passwords. If your password can be be found in the dictionary, than every one knows it. So you might as well not have one. The worst passwords are dictionary words and the hackers are much too well aware of it.

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Common Factors That May Cause Hard Disk Failure

hard disk failure

Hard Disk in a computer is the only component that is subjected to both electronic and mechanical stresses. Before we go deeper in to the most common factors that may cause hard disk crash or failure ( what ever you call it, means the same). We must know that the life span of any electronic … Read moreCommon Factors That May Cause Hard Disk Failure