WP Super Cache Plugin : Optimal Settings Guide

As a Cache Plugin, WP Super Cache is one of the top Cache Plugin. Here is a guide for Optimal Settings, for word press blogs. Want to super charge  your website so it loads faster?. Keep in mind that Google now pays a lot of importance for web page Load time. And without a CACHE … Read moreWP Super Cache Plugin : Optimal Settings Guide

Optimize Images for Blog – websites|EWWW image optimizer

optimize images

  How to optimize images for blog or your website? I have been using wp Smush it, a word press plugin to optimize images for blog.This was a excellent way of lossless compression of all my images uploaded. But I observed that this plugin was not updated for quite sometime and had some issues with … Read moreOptimize Images for Blog – websites|EWWW image optimizer

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

broken link checker wordpress plugin

  Broken Link checker Plugin for Word press In a nutshell Broken links on a site or Blog is bad for your business, Very bad for SEO point of view, absolutely bad for for your visitor’s experience and bad for your income too. Its just plain bad for your site to have Broken links. Broken … Read moreBroken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

How to use WLW Text Template Plugin

How to use WLW Text Template Plugin

Windows Live Writer,Text Template! How to use it

. Windows Live writer is one of the best desktop software for bloggers. Sometime back I wrote a post “5 Reasons why a Blogger should use Windows Live Writer”. This is one Blogging software, which allows you to write your blog offline and also preview it exactly as it would appear live on your blog. You can make all changes, insert images , videos , save it as draft , preview it and publish it directly to your blog from windows live writer interface. 

Having said that, there are plenty of Plugins available for WLW, which makes your blogging much more easier and one of such plugin is the “Text Template”. I feel this is one of the most useful plugin for WLW and every Blogger using WLW must have this Plugin installed.

The Text Template plugin of Windows Live writer enables you to reuse of text , HTML, and snippets, which you use regularly on your post. This plugin enables you to insert these on your blog post with just a click instead of typing the same text over and over again. You can use this Plugin for inserting small text to large text templates, Images, etc. on your blog page.

Read moreHow to use WLW Text Template Plugin

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