Thank You For Coming This Far

Thank you so much for Clicking on that Link and coming to this page. This itself is a great honour to me.

If you have read the “About Me” page, than you already Know me. But if you have not…Let me tell you in brief…

I’m not a trained techy guy (if you have imagined that by reading my posts). I am a self learned man. Learned the hard way. And I know there are many Home users and casual users, out there who do not have the slightest knowledge how a computer works, let alone the knowledge to troubleshoot the problems these machines can give us.

We pay our hard earned money to buy software’s that we need. Without realizing that, there are equivalent free software’s available on the net, which can do the same job as good as, if not better than the paid ones.

We at Tipsnfreeware, do the job for hunting the best of the best, quality free software, review them and share. So you don’t have to spend your precious time.

We also share the best TIPS and TRICKS, to improve your computer skills. Most of all Help you as a Home user, to troubleshoot your system confidently.

Well most of it…before you call the computer guy.

Help us to sustain this BLOG…to pay for the maintenance and server cost. Your little donation will go a long way, to help us to continue our quest to help millions of Home users.

If you think its worth…than please click on the link below…..and Thank you for reading this far. 


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