Tips for Best Google AdSense Placement

Tips for Best Google AdSense Placement

best google adsense placement

Which are the best Google AdSense placement location on a blog page ? This is a question many blogger asks and discusses in forums.

Because Google AdSense Ads is the best way to monetize your BlogAssuming that your blog or website has been approved for Google adsense.

If the answer is NO, than here’s “ How to get your blog approved for Google AdSense”.

So which are the best Google AdSense placement  locations ?

Is there any truth that, where you place those Google AdSense ads can actually improve response ? 

In fact Google’s AdSense experts says that there is a direct correlation between the placement of the AdSense ads and the resulting click through. You can get  detail’s about this from Google’s own page here.


Google’s own HEAT MAP illustration shows the best google adsense placement, locations on a page. As shown below, certain locations tend to be more successful than others. This is keeping in view the blog readers eye movement and most likely place to click.
best google adsense placement

This “Heat map” illustrates the best google adsense placement, on a sample page layout. The colors fades from darker to lighter colors.

The dark colored region indicates the strongest performance area and lighter colour areas weakest performing area of a page.

Basing on this illustration the dark orange colour area appears to be the most ideal place to place your first ad. This area is called “Above the fold”. Which means just below the navigation bar and above your main post content.

You can read here how to add Google AdSense below navigation bar without a plugin.

When somebody lands on your page the first thing he will read is the Post title and placing the ad just above it will grab his or her attention. So the visibility of ads is more. This is one of the best Google AdSense placement slot.

According bloggers opinion, reviews,etc. maximum clicks are generated from Ads placed just below the menu bar and also within the post on the top left corner

Experiment with your own Google AdSense Ads placements as per the Google heat map. Check from your Google AdSense response tracking tool.

Over a period of time you will see the differences in response and accordingly determine which works out to be the best Google AdSense placement, for your site. But don’t be too complacent, because what is working today for you may not work tomorrow if you happen to re-design your site.

Size of Ad units : What size of Ad units to use ? The most popular ad blocks are : 330×250 size for Image ads. 336×280 size for Text Ads and 160×600 tower size banner Ad for the side bar Ads. It will depend on your Template/Theme size. But if your Theme allows, use these block size Ads for best performance.

We have a detail post on Best performing Google AdSense Ad Size

Final Advice : Do not use more than three Ads per page Read the Google AdSense TOC. As far as possible avoid displaying Ads in the middle of a Post. It may be distracting to the reader if it breaks the continuity of your article.

If  you want to place Ads in the middle try to use only the TEXT LINK type Ads of smaller size. And should blend well with your content page. Some blogger have reported good responses from Ads placed at the bottom of a Post, you might give it a try who Knows that place might turn out to be a Gold mine for you.

But regardless of what the experts may say, you are your best adviser, experiment what works best for you, at the end of the day you’re the only expert who matters. GOOD LUCK and happy blogging.If you enjoyed this post, Please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the Feed to have future articles delivered to your Feed reader