Top 3 Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows

Top 3 Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows

Free Screen Recording Software

Windows PC does not have the tool to record your on-screen activity, such as browsing or typing. You can take screenshots, but there’s no inherent function for recording as video. This is exactly the kind of niche where third party software plays a very important role. 

 Here is a list of 3 best free screen recording software for windows.

These are software to capture and record your screen activities along with sounds.These tools records every activity on your screen like your mouse movements, launching a program, typing text, clicking a menu button etc. 

Anything that you see in your screen is recorded and saved as a AVI, Flash file, SWF, even in MP4 formats as options available in the program. 

Free screen recording software, are different from screen capture utilities. Desktop screen capture utilities takes a snapshot of either of the whole screen or a part of a selected screen (desktop). 

Free screen recording software for windows, have become quite popular with bloggers and teachers alike.You can use this software’s to create a demonstration video, create Video tutorials for schools and college class. 

You can create video based information for your products. The usage are basically endless and its only your imagination what you want to record and present or save for your future reference.

The TOP three FREE screen Recording software for windows:

1: CamStudio:

free screen recording software CamStudio is a OSS (open source software) A free screen recording software for windows. Software that allows you to record your screen activities and save as a AVI, SWF videos. 

This software also includes a built in SWF producer that allows you to create, internet friendly flash videos. You can also install codecs like DivX, and CamStudios own lossless codec for better compression and smaller output file. 

CamStudio also allows you to record high quality sound from your sound card or microphone. Essential for making any presentation videos. Camstudio is the most popular one.  

BEST OF ALL this is a FREE software for your personal use.
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free screen recording software  Free screen Recorder , this is another free screen recording software. Easy-to-use screen recording program to capture screen activities and sounds and out put as standard AVI video file. 

Records all on screen activities like,movement of curser, opening closing of a folder, typing text,clicking menus buttons etc. 

Free screen recorder also records sound from your sound card or from a microphone. To record your own voice making it easier  to add your own commentary while the video is being recorded. For the output file you can choose AVI files video codec, frame rate and audio codec.

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free screen recording software Freez Screen Video capture is another free screen recording software for windows. You can record any screen activities and sounds and output as a standard AVI video files. 

You can capture the entire Desktop or any part of the screen, user can define the area to be recorded. You can capture  mouse activities and use a microphone to narrate your screen activities, excellent to produce tutorials and video presentations. 

You can choose your out put videos in formats like Microsoft Video 1, MPEG-4, DivX etc, and audio format such as PCM,ADPCM,MP3, OCG. Freez screen capture also allows you to pause, start, stop screen recording with hot keys.


Use this fine free software to capture and to create screen demos, training videos, animated tutorials, animated presentations etc.

Download the latest Version of   FREEZ SCREEN VIDEO CAPTURE.

 Was this Post helpful ? I know there are other FREE utilities like the “Auto screen recorder” , but I feel these are the TOP 3 free screen recording software for windows. If you know any other better alternatives kindly share with us.

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  1. Demos are a must in Sales and Marketing, IT Training, teaching in school, and more. There are many screen recording software on the market. The above list is good but is missing one stand-out product. My Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorders. One unique ability is that you can add audio narrations while recording – both the speaker and a microphone are recorded at the same time – saving tedious editing time.

    • Hello Alia !! thank you for pointing out. But My screen recorder is not FREE. So I didn’t include in my list. Anyway thank you for pointing that.
      Happy blogging.

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