Universal Extractor,Extract virtually Any Archive File

Universal Extractor

Extract Virtually any Archive files with this FREEWARE tool. Universal Extractor is a program which does exactly as its name says, extract virtually any archive file you through at it. Be it a Zip file, Rar file, 7 zip file, an installation program like Wise or NSIS or even a Windows installer package (.MSI).

This program Universal extractor basic job is to extract only, that too very fast, the downside of this program is that, it can not make any archive, so you will need to use winrar or winzip. But on the upside, it integrates itself in the explorers context menu for easy access. This feature is configurable during the installation process of the program, by default this feature is checked, just make sure it is, if not enable it, as shown in the image below.

                           Universal Extractor,Extract virtually Any Archive File

With Universal extractor,You can extract any archive with the right click context menu or you can open the program itself and choose the archive to extract.                                         

                                          Universal Extractor,Extract virtually Any Archive File

                                                    Right click context menu

The programs interface is extremely simple, with just two visible field one for the source archive file and the other for the destination directory where the extracted files will be saved. It is also equipped with debug tool, which you can enable it save as a file on your selected destination, which can give you some information about a corrupt archive file.

                        Universal Extractor,Extract virtually Any Archive File

Although this program Universal extractor, can not compete with software’s like winzip, winrar or 7 zip, since it lacks archiving abilities, but it does what its meant to do, extract files from virtually any type of archive regardless of source, compression method etc and does it quite well.

If you have not tried this program yet, than try it, you are missing something.

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Free download Universal Extractor.



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