VLC Media Player The Top Media Player


VLC Media Player

If we have to ask which is the top Media Player ? You might say WinAmp. Yes as a Audio player win Amp still rules. But what about the top Video Player ? I don’t blame you, opinions differ.

But as a open source freeware, which can play more different files than any other media player, which can be totally customized and configured to suit ? The answer is without a doubt VLC media player the top media player around.

This is one player which gets frequently updated, regularly offering new features, so you are never left wanting. If you have any file which VLC can not play, rest assured the next update will play that file too. VLC a top media player is created and maintained by a huge community of programmers and users.

Although the default windows media player has been with us all along. Yet VLC media player managed to stay ahead of the competition. Whether in features or performance it managed to stay ahead, winning the hearts of millions of users.

VLC media player is quick and easy to install. You can make VLC media player your default player for all media files types. But if you wish to keep your current media player, you can easily skip the file association option.

Under the players options settings, you can change a lot of settings under the Audio, Video, Sub-titles/OSD, input/ codecs, hot keys etc. Not that you need to fiddle around with theses, as the default settings of VLC media player, works excellent.

Play back quality is excellent, we at TNF use VLC media player to play MP3 files, oh ! did you know that VLC media player can also play all your MP3 audio files , complete with graphic equalizer. Plays WAVs, CDs, DVDs, Flash video and many other file formats.

VLC media player has a very simple down to earth interface. But if you want to change its look and feel, there’s no dearth of free skins for the player all for free. Just go to this site to browse and download the skin of your choice.

Not satisfied, want to try your hand in making one ? VLCs Videolan organization provides you with with the VLC skin editor, where you can design your own skin and share with others.

Download the latest version of VLC Media Player the top media player.