What is Chrome flags /# enable NPAPI? How To Fix It

What is Chrome flags /# enable NPAPI? How To Enable /Fix It in Google Chrome Browser ?

If you are a Google Chrome user, you may have noticed, some of the websites that you visit no longer function the same way. For example any websites that utilize Java, Adobe reader plugin, or any other plugins that some games may require, no longer work in Google chrome. And you may see the following notification in Chrome. As the image shown below. This notification I get when I tried to View my home CCTV feed on my laptop.


The reason for this is that, Google has decided to no longer allow, what is called NPAPI plugins. NPAPI stands for (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface ). Within this family of plugins, are things like JAVA, Adobe reader, and other plugins required and commonly used.

This change in Google Chrome has occurred since version 42 onwards. So check your Chrome version, if you have been updating Chrome, this is disabled by default. Till Chrome version 45, we could undo that and enable NPAPI in Chrome. But with the later versions of Chrome, this is not possible at all.

However there is workaround this issue in Chrome. You need to install IE Tab in Chrome. IE Tab for Chrome has long been used as a means of having both the security benefits of Chrome and the ability to use web based applications that require Internet Explorer.

Go to this site and download the IE Tab plugin in Chrome browser. After downloading,install it in chrome.

It’s a very small file and installation is complete within seconds. After installation, reopen / refresh Chrome.

On the top right next to the address bar you will see the IE Tab icon as shown below.

ie tab

So whenever you visit any site, that doesn’t work as before or you get the message as shown in the image above. Just click on the IE tab icon on your browser and reload the page.

This plugin I found to be very useful, specially it helped me to view my Home CCTV feed on my laptop live.

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