What is FIREWALL? Do I Need A Firewall ?

What is FIREWALL? Do I Need A Firewall ?

what is firewall

What is FIREWALL ?  How does it protect your computer ? Do you really require to install a firewall software, on your system? These are some of the questions, lets try to explore and understand.


Every time you connect to the Internet, you are basically broadcasting your presence to the world wide web. You are open to attack by hackers and Malware’s etc. The main purpose of a firewall  is to separate a secure area from a less secure area. And to control the communications between this two. Firewall controls incoming and outgoing communications on any system from a single machine to an entire network.

Apart from installing the basic security tools on your computer. Like the Anti virus, Anti Malware. Firewall acts as an extra Layer of security for your system.

We must understand that Firewall software is not Anti virus nor anti Malware. So it can not be a substitute for your system security. So than what is Firewall ?


There are basically two types of Firewall

1. Hardware Firewall
2. Software Firewall.

What is Firewall : HARDWARE FIREWALL:

what is firewall

  Many of us tend to think that a Hardware Firewall is similar to a Software firewall, but they are very different.

A hardware firewall is a piece of hardware, commonly referred to as a Router. Which is  placed between your system or a network of computers. And the outside world that is the Internet.

These piece of Hardware’s are designed to block unwanted connections, protocols, malicious requests, spam and undesired network activity. That can harm your system or network of computers.

A hardware firewall  uses packet filtering to examine the header of a packet to determine its source and destination. This information is compared to a set of predefined or user-created rules that determine whether the packet is to be forwarded or dropped.

Like with any equipment, a  user with general computer knowledge can plug in a hardware firewall (the router). Adjust a few settings and get it to work. However to ensure that your firewall is configured for optimal security and protection you will  need to consult the “manual” for specific features of their hardware firewall. 

What is Firewall : SOFTWARE FIREWALL:

what is firewall

A Software based Firewall on the other hand is designed to block any unwanted traffic between computers on a network. Be it in your home network or server connected to the Internet. Software Firewall Monitors all your incoming and outgoing connections in real time. Thereby allowing you to surf the web in relative safety.

These software’s allows only those traffic to pass through that you have allowed. So its important that the user must know what to allow and what not to allow.

The Golden rule is when ever a Software Firewall warns you of a certain program trying to connect to the Internet.Look for the programs name and installation log (which a firewall normally will display). If you don’t know the program or not sure than its always safe to block such activity of the program.

Your firewall will block that program in the future attempts also.If you find out that it’s a legit program, than you can always remove the restrictions from the firewall’s settings.

There are quite a few well known FREE Firewall software’s like the COMODO firewall, Zone Alarm Free Firewall, Emsisoft Online Armor Free Firewall. To find a suitable product may involve a process of trial and error. A Firewall should Protect and shouldn’t be too much intrusive or too complicated to handle. Which SOFTWARE FIREWALL  to choose ? I leave it up to you.

I sincerely hope I could get the point through, A brief description of, what is Firewall and how it can protect your Computer. 


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