What Is Windows Firewall ! Why You Should Install One

What Is Windows Firewall ! Why You Should Install One

Windows Firewall

What is Windows FIREWALL ?   Do you really require to install a firewall software, on your system? How does it protect your computer ?

These are some of the questions, many home users asked me. Well there is no shortcut answer to it. So lets try to explore and understand, what is windows Firewall, and why we should install one.


In a nutshell lets try to understand what is windows firewall. And why we should install on our computer system.

Whenever you install a software, many new windows registry entries are made. This is quite normal and essential for the software to load and function. But sometimes some software may come bundled with Malware or spyware, which may get installed without your knowledge. This is when a Windows firewall software, warns the user about any malicious activities, happening behind the scene.

Whenever you install a software, it makes quite a few registry entries (new entries). All these are monitored by the firewall software and warns the user. But registry entries/ changes done by the software being installed can be safely allowed. Anything other than that, not related to the software you are installing should be blocked. When in doubt, block it.

Every time you connect to the Internet, you are basically broadcasting your presence to the world wide web. You are open to attack by hackers, spyware, key loggers and Malware’s etc.

The main purpose of a windows firewall is to separate a secure area from a less secure area. And to control the communications between this two. A windows firewall software works silently in the background when you surf the net. Windows Firewall controls incoming and outgoing communications on any system from a single machine to an entire network.

Apart from installing the very basic security tools on your computer. Like the Anti virus, Anti Malware. Firewall acts as an extra Layer of security for your system. It’s a must have security tool every user must install on a computer system

We must understand that Firewall software is NOT a Anti virus nor anti Malware. Which means it can not be a substitute for your system security. As we have already discussed earlier, windows firewall acts as an extra layer of security for your Computer. It protects your system by warning you of any suspicious activities. A user has to be wise enough to pay attention to these warnings. Block it, if you are not sure.

Windows Firewall can be broadly classified in to two types. Hardware Firewall and Software Firewall. You can read this detail article on How this two work and compliment each other for your systems security.

Posted by Ben Jamir