Which Sites can be Added as Authorized lists Google AdSense

Which Sites can be Added as Authorized lists Google AdSense


Authorized lists Google AdSense

Which sites can be added as Authorized lists Google AdSense. I am using Google AdSense on my site as you can see for more than a year now. I didn’t bother to check the “Sites authorized to show Ads” option in Google AdSense dashboard, it never occurred to me that was important.

Everything was going on fine, until recently I saw this sort of warning message from Google AdSense account.
Authorized lists Google AdSense 

That’s an Image file to show you the exact message which was displayed on my account page. When I checked my account settings, I saw the lists of sites as displayed by Google AdSense account. exact image file shown below.

Authorized lists Google AdSense


As you can see there are 7 sites which are using my AdSense code to display Ads. So I changed the settings in AdSense dashboard to show ads only on my site URl.

But these messages kept on coming giving me notification that my ads are showing in other websites like br.bing.com, www.google.at, www.google.co.nz, www.google.es,

I am sure many bloggers have this question “Which sites to Authorize to show Ads” in Google AdSense.

The entire point in the authorized sites (allowed sites) function in Google AdSense, is to inform you when your ads are being displayed on websites you haven’t authorized. It protects you against someone using your code on a non-compliant website that you don’t know about.

Most of the time the sites that will appear in unauthorized sites will be like a search engine as mentioned above, these are safe to add to your authorized sites list. These sites are basically country specific Google search Engine which are displaying your ads, so if any one clicks on your ads you earn some revenue.

Other sites like “webcache” URLS, Image search URLs or Translate urls are also safe to add to your authorized sites list. Those are simply when a visitor arrives on a cached version of your web page or arrives on your web page from an image search or uses the Google translator to translate your page in to their own language so they can read it.

There have been a lot of discussion on forums about this issue, but no where any concrete reply could be found. The only people who can give you the right answer is Google, but they never answered in any of the forums ( as far as I know, point me the URl if it has been done so).

Yes, there are plenty of other sites, which may show your blog web sites in iframes or with their tool bar on the top of your site such as Digg bar, Stumbleupon etc. And when these sites show your webpages, it is obvious that your Google AdSense ads will also be displayed, that’s the reason why your Google AdSense dashboard displays the notification, because unless you authorize these sites, any click on your ads will not earn you any revenue.

Here are the list of some sites which you may add to the list as authorized lists Google AdSense. I will be updating the list as more sites are confirmed.



UPDATE LIST AS ON 20/12/2012


UPDATE 3rd.Sept. 2014:  Came across a discussion forum in webmasters world, where this topic has been discussed.Adsense supports adding country specific Google search pages.

If you don’t want to add these URLs to the allowed sites list, you don’t have to, (but you wont get paid if your Ads are clicked). Even if you don’t add these sites, Google will continue to show you notice as sites displaying your ads that are not authorized.

NOTE: I have authorized almost all Google versions sites ( google.de, google.ca, google.at etc) the same for yahoo too, without any problem so far. Sites that you should never authorize are stuff like proxy sites or blogger beta dashboard etc.

Hope this  list helps, will be updating as soon as I get more info. Until than be safe and play safe.


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  1. That is a good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Simple but very accurate information

  2. Do you think that it is safe to authorize {browse.feedreader.com} I have this notification in my account. any suggestion??

    • Hello Tomy ! I think you can add that as authorized site since its a a popular feed aggregator and reader and Browses all the popular feeds.

  3. I would like to ask you Ben if I should add social networks domain names? I mean if somebody reach my blog from social media and click and i did not claim for example facebook.com. I mean are they gonna pay me for that click. Also I would like to ask you should I add both: example.com and http://www.example.com?

    • Hello Boris ! Nice question but took me a while to understand it. Since FB is not displaying your adds, obviously you don’t get paid. Visitors coming to your site via FB is just traffic. Authorized sites are those sites which are displaying ads with your ad code, so you get paid. Your second question, if the URI leads to the same domain than one URL will suffice.
      I just hope I got you right !!
      Happy blogging.

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