Which USB Flash Drive Is Best For Windows Readyboost

Which USB Flash Drive Is Best For Windows Readyboost



If you are on Windows 7, you can speed up windows considerably with windows built in feature called Windows Readyboost. We have written a detailed post on what is Windows Readyboost, and how to setup and speedup windows. I suggest you read this post first and come back for the rest of this article.

Microsoft introduced this technology Ready Boost feature in windows Vista, which didn’t do well. However this feature actually works in Windows 7. Ready boost in Windows 7 speed up the boot process, data access, data processing and system shutdown.

However before you plugin the Flash USB drive for windows readyboost. There are certain things you got to look for in a Flash drive, to get the maximum boost from windows readyboost.

What to look for in a Flash memory device:

Here are some tips you should know before selecting a USB flash drive or Flash memory card for use in Windows 7 for readyboost feature

>> The minimum amount of available space recommended for ReadyBoost to effectively speed up your computer is 1GB.That’s the minimum required ,you can use as much space as your drive can offer, the more the better.

>> For best results the available space in your flash drive should be double the amount of memory(RAM) installed in your system. Preferably four times as much memory. For example if you have 1GB of physical RAM in your system a 4GB flash drive would give the best performance gain from Windows ReadyBoost.

>> You can reserve more than 4GB of space for ReadyBoost on most flash drives and flash memory cards. You can use a maximum of 32GB of available space on any single removable storage device and up to 256GB total per computer (by using up to eight USB flash drives or flash memory cards in  the same computer).

>> A USB flash drive must support USB 2.0 or higher to work with windows ReadyBoost feature. Your computer must have at least one or two free USB port where you can plug in the flash drive. Windows ReadyBoost works best when you plug it directly on to your PCs USB port and not through a USB hub.

>> When you buy a USB flash drive, look for a note from the manufacturer that the drive is “Enhanced for ReadyBoost” Not all manufacturer lists this information on their packaging. However most of the USB flash drive work with ReadyBoost.

>> Memory cards like CompactFlash, Secure Digital (SD) and most others work with windows ReadyBoost. Some SD card do not work well with ReadyBoost due to issues with the SD card interface. In such cases Windows will display a warning message if you attempt to use one of these cards.

That’s all, you got to check on the USB flash drive, before you plugin for windows ReadyBoost Feature of Windows 7.

Try it and feel the difference. It works.

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Posted By: Ben Jamir