Wireless Router Problems ! How to Troubleshoot


Wireless routers have become very common in every home and offices, to share internet connections.

Are you having problems with wireless router, for your internet connection or Wi-Fi ? Like weak Wi-Fi signal (which was strong before). internet connections randomly disconnects and reconnects or even no internet access at all. What ever may be the problem some router troubleshooting at home, could fix many things before you call the techy guy.

                                   wireless router problems

Here are Some Basic Tips to Troubleshoot Wireless Router Problems:

Some of these TIPS also applies to your modem. Now a days many Internet service providers are handing out combined router-modem units. So your wireless router and modem may actually be the same device.

1: Wireless Router Problems : Reboot the Router :

Yes ! many a times simply rebooting the router sets everything right. Whether your Wi-Fi signal has dropped, or websites fails to load, everything seems slow, connections are dropping etc. Just rebooting your router may solve quite a few glitches.

Many routers occasionally require reboot to keep it working well. Don’t worry reboot process is very simple. Just unplug your routers power supply, wait for 10 seconds and plug it again. Your router will reboot. If you have a separate modem connecting to the router, you may also want to unplug the power supply to the modem and reconnect again after a few seconds.

If you have frequently rebooted your router and problem persists, you may want to upgrade your routers firmware. Read our detail article on  how to upgrade a routers firmware. Please note firmware upgrade essentially improves routers functions with added functionality.

2: Wireless Router Problems :Check Cables Are Securely Connected

This may sound silly, but trust me many a times we tend to overlook these obvious solution and jump to the more complex ones.

Its possible that someone may have accidentally moved the router or pulled on a cable, causing it to become loose (which may not be apparent from outside). So check all of the cables involved and make sure that they’re securely connected. Make sure that the RJ LAN connectors fits with a definite “Click” sound when you insert it.

Be sure to check the power cables to your router and modem also. Check all cables connecting your devices, any loose cables must be inserted firmly to avoid loose connection.
wireless router problems

3: Wireless Router Problems : Check for Overheating

Like any other electronic device, routers also gets overheated. Overheating can damage the router over time. Touch and check your router’s temperature to see how hot it is. If it seems very hot, place it in a well ventilated place.. Check the vents, if blocked with dust clean it with a simple paint brush. Don’t ever place you router on top of a PC tower cabinet, that heats up. Overheating could be one problem causing instability

4: Wireless Router Problems : Reposition the Router

If you’re getting poor Wi-Fi signal, try repositioning the router in a different elevated area in your room. Make sure nothing is blocking the wireless signal. Router should not placed near large metal objects or devices that interferer’s, like microwaves and some types of cordless phones.

Keep the router’s antenna is positioned vertically rather than horizontally to get a better coverage. You can always use a second router to extend your wireless coverage. Read our detail article on how to increase wireless coverage with a second router, to cover every corner of your home.

5: Wireless Router Problems: Change the Wireless Channel

If there are too many wireless routers nearby, there’s a good chance you may be facing interference from other wireless routers. Which are sending signals on the same wireless frequency. Try changing your router’s operating wireless channel to reduce this interference, improving your wireless signal.

If you have an Android smartphone or a tablet, the Wi-Fi Analyzer app can help you Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

6: Wireless Router Problems :Reset Your Router to Factory Default Settings

If there seems to be a serious problem with your routers configuration. Resetting your router to factory default, will bring your router to factory settings when you bought. Although this shouldn’t be necessary in most cases, but it’s worth a try. Read our detail article on how to reset a router to factory default settings.

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