WP Super Cache And CloudFlare CDN Settings For WordPress

WP Super Cache And CloudFlare CDN Settings For WordPress


                    WP Super Cache And CloudFlare CDN Settings

CloudFlare is a dynamic content delivery network (CDN) a free service that you can easily set up and running on your domain for free! Though there is a Pro account also, the free account works fine for most sites.

CloudFlare’s free CDN works well with caching plugins for WordPress like WP Super Cache and W3Total Cache.

I enabled CDN in WP Super Cache, and had some problems. My site broke, but could restore within a few minutes. The problem was in the performance settings in cloudflare.

In order to minimize potential conflicts, here are some quick tips for WP Super Cache And CloudFlare CDN Settings


1. If you are using more than one caching plugin on your site ! than don’t. Use only one, uninstall the second caching plugin before you enable cloudflare CDN. Example Wp super cache and W3TC. A conflict will eventually arise. I personally would recommend WP super cache, but its individual preference. You can read here how to uninstall W3 total cache manually completely. On the other hand you can also read here How to uninstall WP super Cache, if you prefer W3TC.

2. If you are already using a minify plugin, like WP minify or Better WP minify. Do not turn on Auto Minify compression features at CloudFlare performance settings. See below……….

                     WP Super Cache And CloudFlare CDN Settings

This is very important, if you do so your site might break (it happened with me).You would want to have only one minify option running on your site at any time. I have found you can safely enable HTML for auto minify in cloudflare. It reduces your sites HTML requests and loads faster.

3. You do not need to put anything (in wp super cache CDN page) in the hostname fields for a CDN relative to CloudFlare. Those fields are used if you are using a traditional CDN provider (AWS, Akamai, etc).

CloudFlare works regardless of what hosting provider a website is running on.

However, some hosting providers have taken the extra steps to make sure their customers get the most out of CloudFlare and have become a CloudFlare Partner.

If your hosting provider is a cloudflare partner, than its much easier. In the C panel enable cloudflare, it will ask you to log in to your cloudflare account. That’s it, your host server will configure your site URL, DNS automatically for cloudflare CDN.

Next enable (put a check) in Wp super cache CDN to enable it, keep all settings to default, save your settings. Log in to your cloudflare account, make sure that Auto Minify compression features at CloudFlare performance settings for JS, CSS and HTML is disabled (by default all three are enabled).

Check your site, if everything’s ok next try by enabling HTML in auto minify compression in cloudflare. Test your site again. If site breaks disable HTML minify. 

Well that’s all about WP Super Cache And CloudFlare CDN Settings. Enjoy the speed, it works. Check your sites loading time before and after in GT Metrix and in Pingdom tools.

You can check HERE if your Hosting provider is a cloudflare partner.


6 thoughts on “WP Super Cache And CloudFlare CDN Settings For WordPress”

  1. Dear Ben,

    Thank you for the wonderful insight into SuperCache and CDN settings. I currently have SuperCache Plugin alone installed on my website and wanted to know the minifying capability of the plugin. If I enable Cloudflare for my website, Should I still enable the Auto Minify options for JS, CSS & HTML in Cloudflare ?

    Also wanted your suggestion, Cloudflare + SuperCache is better or SuperCache + WP Minify or Better WP Minify plugin is a better settings option to speed up the blog.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks – Aashish

    • Hello Aashish !! I got your E-mail on this same query. I have replied. Please check your E-Mail for details.Hope it helps. Any question please feel free to contact me.

  2. Dear sir,

    I have one doubt, I am not using any other Cache Plugin like WP Minify or Better WP Minify. So should I have the options under the Performance settings of Cloudlfare Auto Minify enabled completely or Just enable CDN under WP SuperCache and test out by enabling to see if there is anything breaking. Please suggest.

    Thanks – Aashish

    • Dear Aashish, you should install a minify plugin. I prefer BWP minify, since WP minify has not been updated for sometime and may have compatibility issues with the newer versions of wordpress. In cloudflare you can enable minification of JS , CSS and HTML one by one and check if your site breaks or not. Its a rule that you should not use two separate minification tool. Though it also depends on the theme you are using. Some themes may break some dont.

  3. Sir yo have a nice blog which clearly suggest your uniqueness of articles. I have found this article very useful for setting up Cloudfare CDN. I have tried Max CDN. It is best but costly too.

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